Guardianship is a court proceeding in which a judge gives someone who is not the parent, custody of a child, or the power to manage the child's property (called "estate"), or both.

You may obtain more information about guardianship, alternatives to guardianship, duties of a guardian, becoming a guardian and ending a guardianship.

Guardianship Video

We show this helpful video to all people interested in learning more about the court process to obtain a guardianship.  Contra Costa County courts provide the videos, but apply equally well to San Luis Obispo.

The full video is about 30 minutes (under the "Uncut" section) and is also available in several smaller segments, as an audio-only download, or as a PDF transcript.

Instructions to View Video

  • Click on the following link: Guardianship Video
  • Go to the "Uncut" section
  • Choose "low" if you're on a slow internet connection, or "high" for DSL or faster broadband connections

Instructions and Sample Forms

You may click on the following link to view instructions and a sample of completed forms: Instructions and Sample Forms